Poorboys Glass Cleaner


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I would like to add that the sprayer on the new glass cleaner is different from other sprayers (like with Spray and Wash). It seems to provide a finer mist.


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I was wondering when the glass cleaner would be released also. I'm almost out of the sample and really like it. I've tried it on really dirty windows and it works great. I'm ready to buy it by the gallon and go away from Sprayway.


Great to hear Steve. I learned a good lesson with this glass cleaner. Don't tell your wife that you just got a really good product. She will take it while you are not looking, use it on all her windows and mirrors around the house and you may never see it again. I know this from experience. Looking forward to this :D


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It is in stock and Pockets is working in his spare time :smt024:smt079 but we have been swamped so, it has taken a back seat ... give us a pm or email and we'll get you out some :)