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    Pro polish on 3m venture shield

    Can this be used by hand and machine in clear bra?
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    Tree Sap

    What would be the best way to remove tree sap from a polished black car? Not too concerned with removal of LSP just looking to avoid re-polishing if at all possible.
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    Polish to perfection- A waste of a weekend or a Masterpeice?

    To get the most clarity and shine out of a black car with is the finest polish PB offers? it is Pro Polish? Getting to necessary items together to experiment on my DD Infiniti. This is most likely the last tear down and LSP pack I will perform on the car before it comes off lease and it will...
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    Spray Sealants?

    I am an avid proponent of Sealants. I like the chrisp reflection and the durability. I wonder why there are not spray sealants in the PB line? This way ytou can re-coat with a sealant, touch up with a QD w/sealant and build a sick base for the winter. Pretty much I pack on protection all year...
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    Bug Glitch

    I posted in introduce yourself. It shows on the first page of the main forums but when you open that introduce yourself link, it is not listed at all.
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    Hello from LI.

    Hello everyone, my name is Jeff and I have been detailing as a hobby for a few years. I thought I was really good at it until I went to the first PB Detail Weekend. I just detail my own cars and enjoy a good swirl free finish. I had left Autopia to frequent Detail City after I met some of the...