Which pads to use with which products.


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So I have ordered a ton of stuff from Steve and was thinking that I wanted to assemble a spreadsheet for myself about which pads to use with which products and wanted to get everyone's input.

If there is enough interest I would be more than willing to post the table here or email it to anyone. This first post from me will be my thoughts on what PB product to use with which CCS pad.

Orange pads: PP2, SSR 2.5, SSR 3
White pads: PP2, PP, SSR 2.5 (?), SSR 2, SSR 1
Black pads: EXP, EX, BH, WD, any of the waxes.
Red pads: waxes

I'm unsure where the combo type products should go such as PwS, or PwC?

What are all your thoughts?


I have been looking for this info for awhile....good stuff.....thanks