When is Poorboy's Detail Weekend 2015? And.....


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I'm planning on going this year.
When is it?
For all the past attendees, do you leave your wives home or bring them to NY?
I know my wife isn't interested in watching detailing demonstrations. If I bring her and take the car to put a Poorboy shine on it, is there anything for the wives to do within walking distance of the hotel or Poorboys facility. Any ideas?


There's the third biggest mall in the country about 4 mins away

We typically wait till after Autogeeks Detail Fest to plan for Detail Weekend.
Hot dogs !!!!

Meeting Pockets

Watching Marj show people how it's done properly

Watching wax bake on Rich's truck

More BBQ

Chinese Buffett

Just make sure you get a fortune cookie that actually has a fortune in it

See, there's plenty for her to do while you toil away at polishing, shining etc.