What's your favorite LC Pad constant pressure ,ccs vs flats



So I've been thinking about this for a while now. And I'm sure it's been a question asked many times.

So lake country has a bunch of different pads. I personally been using The Flat pads and love them now
I know they have these constant pressure pads that I really wanted to try but from what I can tell they are also CCS pads and I don't really know if I want to use the ccs. I don't know if they make the constant pressure (blue foam extra area) pads just Flat. That would be great if they did.

Anyway. What do you guys usually use. What's your favorite pad to use for let's say

COMPOUND- I used Yellow(flat) and orange) flat the obvious

POLISH- now this one is debated. I love the white so get




I wanted to know which pads are your favorite to use for those

Just figured Id make a thread for the hell of it and see what kind of responses i would ge

Thanks in advance everyone.