What pads is everyone using and why?


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Just thought I would start a discussion on what pads you guys like, size, brands, etc...

I've been using 5.5 CCS for a while now but would like to venture off into the 6.5 world or maybe another pad. Mine have the glued on backing which just starts to peel off overtime, especially on the blk pads.


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Rotary Buffer
7" Wool

DA Orbital Buffer
5" backing plate:
Surbuf 5.5" correction
Megs 5.5" DA MF Cutting
LC 5.5" Orange flat
LC 5.5" White flat
LC 5.5" black flat

DA Orbital Buffer
6" backing plate:
LC 6.5" CCS Orange
LC 6.5" CCS White
LC 6.5" CCS Black
LC 6.5" CCS Blue
LC 6.5" CCS Gold


Lake Country flat style pads and now been using Buff and Shine a lot. Recently been using Meguiars Micro Fiber cutting pads


yes, we just got a pallet load of them in, including new CCS Flat pads for those who just have to have Flat.
I think these have a different backing than the regular flat pads look a little more substantial not molded but still better