Warehouse Spring Cleaning Sale


Operations Manager
OK guys. These offers are for forum members only, for now. We've been cleaning and organizing the warehouse and have found a few boxes of product along the way that needs to go! For example, the first deal that we have is for some 32oz bottles of Cherry Air Freshener. They were made in 2012 and I only have 6 of them from this batch. The bottles are a little dusty now but I will clean them up before we ship them. The level is a little low but I will top them off for you. I did open them up and they still smell like cherries so there is no reason not to send them out.

Two Options:

a) Each bottle sells new for 14.95. If you want all 6, $55 shipped (better move fast).

b) call us or pm and place an order of $50 or more and we add one of these 32oz bottles of Cherry Air Freshener at no extra charge, while they last. 561-409-3710

Over the next few weeks we will post up some more deals as we find them.


Operations Manager
Still looking. As it turns out, our warehouse is full with about 14 pallets so as soon as we get them all shipped I will get back to rummaging.