Review: Poorboy’s World Spray and Rinse Wheel Cleaner


Review: Poorboy’s World Spray and Rinse Wheel Cleaner

(Cee Dog format)

Test Subject: 2001 Toyota Rav4

Purpose: To simply test the effectiveness of the product on severely neglected wheels but not to make them show room new looking

Time to complete: Approximately 45 minutes. This includes unpacking/repacking cleaning items.

Weather: Approximately 80 degrees and sunny with low humidity.

Product PH: 4.5 (measured from lab grade PH meter)


Product Description (from back of bottle): Spray and Rinse Wheel Cleaner is by far the easiet and simplest product you will ever use. This unique formula is highly effective and is safe for clearcoated, painted, plastic & chrome wheels. Spray & Rinse removes brake dust, oil, road grime, dirt, fresh tar as well as some oxidation and rust too.

Initial Product Observations:

01. Manufacturer Claims: True
02. Packaging: Standard clear non-descript bottle. Same bottle used with almost all their other products, except a chemical resistant sprayer is included w/32oz bottle.
03. Directions: Very clear and easy to follow
04. Consistency: Like water
05. Color: Clear to very slight yellow color
06. Scent: Acidic
07a Size: 32oz.
07b Additional Sizes available: 1 Gallon & 5 Gallon (direct from PB World only it looks like)
08. Current Price for 32oz bottle: $15.99 ($0.50per ounce)
09. Manufacturer: PoorBoy’s World
10. Made in: USA

Additional products used for prep, during application, or removal:

1. Worx Hydroshot
2. 5 gallon bucket w/water (used maybe 3 gallons if that)
3. Ez-Detail Brush
4. Maguire’s APC
5. Tuf Shine Tire Brush
6. Poorboy’s World Bold N Bright Tire Dressing
7. Applicator Pad

Method of Application (per manufacture instructions on bottle):

First rinse wheel with cool water. Spray an even amount onto the wheel surface to be cleaned. Make sure that all areas to be cleaned have been covered. Do all the wheels of the vehicle, then remove with a good steady stream of water from a hose or power washer and make sure all product is rinsed of thoroughly. NO brushing, NO rubbing…is needed. (Remember to spray around the lug nuts, and into the crevices that are upside down)

* NOT intended for use on: hot, uncoated or highly polished aluminum wheels without dilution or spot testing.

1. Removes brake dust with ease
2. Easy removal

1. Twice the price of Meguiars Wheel Brightener (when comparing the gallon size containers. I have never used the Meguiars product so not sure how they compare in terms of ease of use and cleaning ability.
2. It is acidic so proper use and proper safety equipment should be used.

Final Observations and Summary:

Autogeek link to product:

Product worked as described, probably will by the gallon size container next time.

Was very please with the performance of the product on wheels that have not been taken care of in probably several years.

Copy of this review along with before/during/after are over at autogeek: