Quick Review: Poorboy's Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt.


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Poorboy's Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitts

Manufacturer's Description
These were custom made to my high demands to be made far superior to the normal wash mitt. The softest cuff to prevent marring, a well sewn inside liner, and of course microfiber chenille to safely and quickly remove dirt from the surface of vehicles.

Manufacturer's Price: $9.95 (from Poorboy's web site).

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This is a well made mitt with dense soft tentacles. The interior is very nice as well. The soft liner is stitched around the the mitt to the front so it does not move inside the mitt like some mitts do.

The cuff is rolled elastic fabric and so soft and holds to arm. Dimension-wise, it is a little shorter than other mitts I have used so the pocket is a tighter fit however it spins in the hand easily (something I like).

The one omission is a hook to allow you to hang the mitt after a wash.

Inside out

Use and Cleaning
I tend to like these type of mitts with sudsy soaps such as Optimum. It cleans well. It holds plenty of suds so takes a little extra to rinse them out after a wash before I hang them to dry as they wait for the next microfiber wash cycle. I did not try them with rinseless washes but have tried similar ones and did not like the experience.

Very nice well made mitt and priced similar to other mitts.

The only downside is broad availability. I have only seen these sold by Poorboy's so you have to order directly from them.


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I love mine for cleaning the lower part of vehicles.

Easy to ID, the mitt holds a tons of PB SS&W soap mix.

If you pull this mitt out of the bucket and don't have a at least a half pint of soap mix in it, you have an empty bucket :razz:

Dad complains he goes through too much soap mix doing the RV, but I have to remind him that is what stops putting marring back into the paint when washing.
- I am slowly breaking him of 6+ decades of farmer style washing. I still catch him with the bucket of dirty soapy water with the mitt from the Reagan administration from time to time laying around the garage.