New to Poorboy's .... Lake Country Pads


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Poorboy's World is proud to announce the carrying of Lake Country pads . Along with the pads we have backing plates of 3.5 & 6" for the PC (random orbital) , & wool buffing balls for metal polishing in 3 & 5" sizes.

Initially we will carry these style and size pads

6.5" pads for PC, UDM, FLEX, Rotary
Variable Contact (my personal favorite) curved edge
CCS curved edge
foamed wool

4"pads for PC,UDM, Cyclo

we welcome your suggestions for future accessories for us and our distributors

Here is Lake Country's application guide chart for their pads:



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Poorboy's World now also carries these pads:

Custom made 5.5" Pads ... these fit a Flex backing plate perfectly , but it can also be use for those who have 5" backing plates on
other machines including the PC or a Rotary.




notice the beveled edge for going around curves, the pre-formed velcro backing area so it wraps around the backing plate.
They come in 4 abrasives, Finishing(Red), Finessing(Black), Polishing(White), & Light Cutting(Orange)
Truly a Superior product from Lake Country exclusive for Poorboy's World.

We have also added
4" Foamed Wool pads
7.5" Pure Twisted Wool pads
Foam Hand pads for those without machines or can be used for anyone needing to get into tight places to polish or apply waxes or sealants
Backing Plates in 3.5" &6" for PC's and Rotarys
Duo-Spurs for cleaning your pads during use (can be used on both foam and wool pads)