New Mesh Bug Microfiber (MBM)


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***NEW*** Mesh Bug Microfiber(MBM) towel ...this is a Poorboy's World
Exclusive microfiber towel especially designed to easily assist in the
removal of Bugs, Sap, & Bird droppings. Use them with our Super Slick & Suds car shampoo, with our Bug Squash or with Spray and Wipe waterless wash.
This Mesh towel is double woven microfiber made to be safe and scratch-free for
all finishes including paint, plastic & glass. It can also be used on
interiors to scrub vinyl and leather. This is a towel no detailer or enthusiast should be without.
So... how many people have used this towel for bug removal? How'd it work for you?
I use em all the time.... LOVE EM

Also use em for the bottom of rocker panels, and behind wheel wells where crap and tar collect.

Funny thing is, these are the ones that I seem to lose the most. Dunno why.