Does anyone dilute this or does everyone always us it strait?


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Here's Steve's reply on another board:
I wouldn't use it full strength too often and after using it full strength I would polish and seal the wheels . After sealing the wheels , then only soap and water would be needed or a weak dilution.
For those with really bad brake dust problems, ie owners of BMW, Porsche, Volvo etc.. 1:1 or 2:1 will suffice to clean the wheels with no scrubbing.
Some have diluted 4:1 for maintenence, but I personally haven't tried that dilution.


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I use S&R full strength when I am planning to follow it up with a polish and wheel sealant. With fresh wheel sealant applied, I only need to use regular car wash soap to clean the wheels. When the sealant starts to show some wear (around 3 months for me), I may use a 1:1 S&R:water mix to do some light cleaning until I have time to do a full round of polishing & sealing again.

For the APC, I keep 4 different dilutions on hand (full strength, 1:1, 1:15, 1:30).