Cleaned up the Speed6

Scott P

Advanced Helper
I am getting ready to buy a new truck, so I have to sell my lovely MazdaSpeed 6. It gets small really quick with twins. So last weekend I spent a few hours outside with some Poorboy's products to make it look presentable. The process was simple enough:

Clayed with my stockpile of the original Erazer or whatever clay
Pro Polish with a white Lake Country Kompressor pad and the rotary
Polish with Sealant with a blue Lake Country CCS pad on the PC
EX-P by hand with a Viking doorknob applicator. Man I miss those.

The pictures are crappy, but I was tired, watching football and really didn't feel like parking at the end of the street like I usually do. I'll be doing that today when I get the pictures ready for the for sale ad.

It felt weird posting pictures of something that wasn't food...