2 Weeks until Detail Weekend

I have been trying to figure out how to make it for the Detailing Weekend ever since it was announced but cannot make it this year.

I have a big 4th of July party and a HUGH party July 18th for about 25 guys who grew up together that hung around a store run by 2 Midgets and their Mother, it's was a lot funnier than it sounds........
I have guys form CA,FL,NC,SD,MA and a few other places coming so I have a lot of work to do and the weather outside has been a little bad as we all know which has slowed down my outside work.

I did have a great time last year and learned a lot about the Great line of Poor Boy products but the biggest thing was all the help from everyone over the weekend.

Gus was a big help along with Chris to get me going in a better direction on my detailing and my Wife was very impressed on how her car came back to her.
All the people who attended were a real good group and everyone was talking and looking over everyone work, which was great.

The lunch provided by Steve was much appreciated and the cold water was a life saver for sure.

I hope to make it next year to learn much more about detailing !!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have some good weather for Detailing Weekend :)


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This is in June ED ...about 10 days away ... it won't be the same without you :( ... have a great time at your party :)


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I know how you feel. I am trying to get there myself. From the looks of it, not good. I guess a lot of calls to Pockets. Lol