*** Super Slick & Wax Arrives ***


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The long awaited Super Slick & Wax has arrived. We had a very small micro-batch made and supplies are limited. This is intended for those in colder climates where an added bit of protection will be added during the car wash. Super Slick & Wax can also be used in warm climates too for those who want to extend the life their favorite liquid or paste wax products.
Super Slick & Wax will gently wash the dirt and grime away with lubricants, emulsifiers, & wax with plenty of suds too. It will work well with a hand bucket wash or with a foam gun. Super Slick & Wax is available in 16oz, 32oz, & Gallon sizes.



I hope you guys keep making this product, it's amazing! :wink: I've bought 64oz of it just in case you stop making it. :lol:

I live in a hot climate and the sun makes the carnauba evaporate somewhat faster, every 6 weeks I have to reapply wax and after a month most of the beautiful wet look that Nattys gives is gone. Now instead of applying QW+ to extend the life of Nattys I can do it in just one step, while washing the car. It's really amazing, and that scent, hmmm... yummy! 8)

Keep up the good work.


Bump it's winter time in NY and just reminding people that using SS+W is a great way to help your protection last all the way through the winter and give it a fresh waxed look!! :smt066