Spray & Rinse Wheel Cleaner



I just discovered Spray Rinse via some other car forums that I frequent, and thus discovered Poor Boys in the process.

Great products and the Spray and Rinse is the first wheel cleaner I've used that actually does what it advertises.

I love this stuff!


I recently found another use for Spray and Rinse cleaner.

My best friend has a 2005 Mercury Sable that I recently detailed.

Long story short: About 4 years ago he had a job with a crew that tore down plants and then tagged the parts to ship them over seas for reassembly. His last job with that company was tearing down the old part of a chemical plant in Yazzoo City, MS. He parked his car in their parking lot for about a month while they tore down the old part of the plant. During the time his car was there, some fallout from an Ammonia tower covered his vehicle. It stained/etched the glass and it gave it a milky color that you could not see through. It also stained/etched his paint as well.

His company paid to have his vehicle detailed and washed but the professional detailer they sent it to could not remove the staining from the glass or the paint. They eventually replaced his rear and front windshields for him so he could see when he drove back home to Louisiana.

It stayed like that until November of this year. Basically he tried everything he could think of to get the car clean but then he gave up. After that he just gave up and wrote the car appearance off as a loss in his mind. Finally one day while looking over the car, I volunteered to see if I could fix the problem.

I washed his car and began trying to clay out everything. Nothing I tried would work on his glass or paint. I tried steam washing, claying, different types of soap,vingear for the windows, degreasers, etc.. Finally had an idea. I noticed that after use the Spray and Rinse wheel cleaner on his wheels they were looking spotless. So I tried a small area on his passenger side glass. Waited 3 minutes hit it with the water hose and like magic there was this crystal clear spot on his glass.

I then tried the whole window and it completely removed the staining. I eventually got all of his glass clear doing this. I then mixed a 50 50 solution of Spray and Rinse with some water and tried a small part of his lower front bumper. The results were that the staining was removed. I then hit the whole car with this combo and then rinsed it really well and then hit with some car shampoo.

I then did another light claying and then polished his car. The thing looked better than new when I was done (took me 3 days lol).

Now I don't recommend you using this as a regular wash solution, but for this case it turned out to be the perfect thing to help fix the problem.

Thanks to Poor Boys for making such an awesome product. I've used this stuff on numerous types of wheels and it always gets them clean where other wheel cleaners wouldn't make a dent. :smt038


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nice job Brandon and yes a little known use for Spray & Rinse is using it as an acid wash. Since it's a mild acid, it won't bother good paint or side glass!!
BEWARE ..windshields are a different animal and have special coatings that can be blurred .. rinse off immediately if it gets on the windshield ...
and yes a good soap wash and rinse to neutralize the acid should done.
Now if you are not in need of an acid wash, but have a grimey, moldy, nasty vehicle, we use our Bio-Degradable APC as a wash ... it's been used on the Bud Truck Fleet, Lockheed/ Martin among other professional sites. Perfect for RV's and large trailers too.