Spray n gloss

Larry A

Advanced Helper
A couple of weeks ago I won the weekly contest----Spray n Gloss. This is a excelent product, smells good,doesent streak at all, a little gos a long way, the gloss is second to none . I did my car and my company van with it. My car is well waxed but there was a great improvement in the gloss, I was supprised. My company van is red in color ,seldom gets waxed, but get a automatic car wash twice a week. I used S-G on the van and it looked outstanding. The van looked like it had a regular wax job. S-G also fills a lot of fine scratches. I like it.


Advanced Helper
It's an awesome product no doubt. Next time try using it after you just flooded your wash soap off. Spritz it on entire vehicle lightly then just use your waffle weave and you'll be amazed how easy it dries and looks.