Spray And Wipe on Nattys

Good Morning everyone,

just need to know if S&W das strip or even remove any Waxes (f.e. Nattys Paste Wax)

Applied two layers of Nattys (after Ex) and need to use S&W sometimes. Wondering if it removes any layer of Nattys then.

Thank you!


Advanced Helper
Spray and Wipe is a waterless wash so it should be pretty gentle as long as the wax has cured. I'm not a chemist but I have never encountered a waterless or rinseless wash product that strips wax, so I think you are safe.

From Autogeek:
It’s meant for new and well-maintained vehicles. You would not want to use this instead of a traditional bath for a very dirty car. It does not add protection, nor strip any away. Spray and Wipe Waterless Wash followed by an instant detail spray will quickly and completely revive a lightly dirty or dusty vehicle without any wet mess. Amazing!