Something new to detail


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Really hoping the weather is good this weekend so I can detail my new truck.

Here's the game plan for paint:

Wash with two bucket method
Test new pH Neutral Iron Remover
Wash again
Inspect finish, clay if needed
Polish with Sealant
Natty's Red Paste Wax
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I cant see the picture, is there something wrong on my end?

Also, this is the 1st I'm hearing about an iron remover, I'm very interested!!


Yes I too am interested in this iron remover . Also what grade of clay are you using as I'm planning on doing the wife's new car this fall when the temps. are cooler.


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Guys I am going to have to get a Photobucket account because Dropbox stinks for sharing images.

Iron Remover is just one of many new products in development. We are keeping our chemist very busy this year.

The clay is mild or fine grade. I will check on getting a Photobucket account ASAP so you guys can see BLUE THUNDER.


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Original post updated with images.

Just ordered some black/blue seat covers from Coverking and a set of Stainless Raptor Series 4 inch Side Steps. The Mopar molded mud guards have been removed until I get a chance to touch up the damage that they caused and lay down some 3M double sided tape.

It's been raining so often that it's been tough to do a real thorough detail like I want to but hopefully this week. I have been able to wash it a few times and clay/polish/wax the hood, roof and front fenders. Spray & Wipe is my new favorite product and I can't wait to get a few days to really polish the entire truck.


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Dwayne, did you get the time to detail the truck
I was able to wash it right before we left so it is in climate controlled storage for now. My side steps and seat covers showed up this past week so everything is just waiting for me to get back in town. It looks like mid September before I can dedicate a day or two to doing the detail that I want to do. It's the life of traveling a car wax salesman. Wheels of Time was this past weekend and now we are getting ready for the Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park this coming up this weekend Friday through Labor Day.


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The steps look great! Did you put the seat covers on
Thanks. Yes I did but not all that impressed with what I ordered. They will do the trick so I won't have to worry about getting in the truck all nasty after a day of fishing but I know there are better ones available.

Just got a new phone so more photos and videos coming this weekend.


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Those tires look neither bold nor bright...:)
Not too worry. I'm armed with a new camera with tons of storage and a warehouse full of products. This weekend I'll have more pics and will make sure to show off the wheels and tires.