Sealent vs wax



What is the difference, and can you get away with using just one or the other. If so what are the advantages/disadvantages? I've been looking at just using the EX-P after using SSR is this correct or not... Thanks


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A sealant generally lasts longer than a wax. A "pure" sealant might typically look more bright and shiny whereas a wax might look more wet and glossy. Sealants are typically synthetic, a wax may have more natural ingredients. However, the terms are often used (along with"polish") interchangeably between companies.


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When detailing a car for a customer, I typically use EXP. Most people are looking for long lasting and durability.

However - my 3 cars I use EXP and then after cured, I will start layering with NB and NR. I normally polish twice a year. About every 3 weeks I am applying wax after I wash. I love the wet look I get from the Nattys.