S&G - I now get it



After using the QD+ I thought it'd be rude not to try the S&G. The QD+ got rid of any water marks and added a bit of extra wax to keep my beading topped up, but I thought I'd try S&G anyway to see what the difference was.
To be honest, I probably don't know what I'm looking for, so I did the front fender in S&G and stood back to compare it to the door. I convinced myself there was a difference but I think I was just kidding myself.
At least with the QD+ you could physically feel a difference and you could see the beading when it rained, but the S&G felt the same and my wife (who came outside to humour me) couldn't see which bit I'd done.

I then did one side of the roof and walked to the back of the car and then I saw it. :smt038
From the back looking at the roof you could clearly see the half I'd done. It was much blacker, if that makes sense. The side that hadn't been S&G'd almost seemed to have a very dark grey shading to it in comparison.

I suppose it all depends on the angle and the lighting, but I was very relieved that I wasn't falling for the emperors new clothes effect.

I'm still unsure when I'd use S&G over QD+ as my untrained eyes can't see much between them. I suppose S&G is for when I'm feeling a bit lazy as there is less buffing.

Either way, I'm glad I bought it and will certainly be replacing it when I use it up.


Difference is the QD+ has some buffing like you said and also a large benefit is it will add to the longevity of the protection step that is on your ride.

I use Spray and Gloss and QD+ both for drying aids .... mostly I use Spray and Gloss for wipedowns and QD+ as my drying aid


I tried the QD+ as a drying aid but I found that I needed to spray it onto the cloth to avoid getting it on the plastic trim. I then tried the S&G and preferred that as you can spray it onto the panel and not worry as much about accuracy or removing it all.

One thing that's put me off is the thought that product is being diluted by the water on the car and more of it is being wiped off without it ever touching the paint. Especially as the S&G is water based. Is this the case?

How does the S&G actually work? What I mean is, does it leave anything behind like QD+, or is it all removed when you wipe it off?