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Hey everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and will have a great New Year.

Santa has been kind to me and delivered more Poorboys goodies.

So after working my way through the Poorboys range (I've now got QD+, S&G, S&W, NL, BH, LS and Nattys Blue) one thing I've discovered is that there is often a right and a 'less right' way to use them.
The instructions on the bottles are fairly short and in some cases I feel that people may be put off a product that isn't giving the results it's capable of as they're using it wrong. Either that, or they're finding a product is a lot more work than it would be if they were using it as intended.

Those of us that have been using Poorboys stuff for a while, know it's very easy to use if you use it right, but as with most things, a nightmare if you're doing something wrong. Generally though, there is a technique you have to master and once you discover it you're always impressed.

For example, when I started out I had to ask a few questions about Nattys Blue in order to stop it smearing. In my case it was down to over application and the MF I was using, and the advice I got from here was invaluable in solving my issue. I was convinced it was something I was doing wrong (being somewhat of a novice), but many others may end up chucking out an amazing product due to using it in a different way than designed.
The instructions do say to use a small amount, but what one person interprets as a small amount will be different to what another person does.
I literally went from hating the stuff to loving it, in the space of a few hours.

What I'm (eventually) suggesting is that there be a short video on each product at the beginning of each forum section. It would be a sticky at the top, alongside the existing first post that describes what the product is.

I know you could search Youtube, but one thing I've learnt is that in many cases people on Youtube are using it in different ways than is suggested on here. That could end up leading people in the wrong direction.

S&W is a good example as it's a product that could potentially cause people to damage paint if they don't use it properly. I've just started using it with excellent results, but I think I'm using too much. I know you need to cover the panel, but it also says the less you use the better the results.
A video clip showing how much should be put on a panel, and also what's the dirtiest car you would use it on, would help massively. A (moving) picture is worth a thousand words.
(I've used half a spray bottle to do an Aston Martin DB7 and an Audi A3, is this too much?)

I hope you don't take this as a criticism, as it's meant as a constructive suggestion to help people use the products to their full potential. It pains me when I read a negative review on something, when it's clearly operator error and not a bad product.
I absolutely love all of your stuff and will continue to both use it and promote it to friends, passing on the techniques I've learnt.


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Your points are well taken and Pockets is working on new pictures and videos as time permits ... The directions, all written by me originally have been updated in the last year, but there is always room for improvement as needed. For instance Pockets and I have had an ongoing debate on how much Super Slick & Suds a person needs to use per wash .... I have always told people 2 cap fulls, which makes good suds, nice lubrication, and is free rinsing.
Pockets tells people to use an ounce and a half to two ounces and we had thought the two cap fulls were that much. After a quick experiment, I showed him that the two cap fulls is really only about a half ounce .... and that's about all that is needed to wash a vehicle .... so Super Slick & Suds is actually more concentrated than the directions ...
Spray & Wipe is a "see it to believe it " product. We have sold this to car collectors whose vehicles are priceless and would never take a hose to.
This past summer we found out our S&W was being used by the owners of the "Cunningham Collection" ... and with every product there will be a learning curve and they use 1 gallon per year for their cars ... I remember the first time Natty use it on his wife's Ford Taurus , as he was not going to try it on his truck the first time, and he used the whole bottle and only got half way. lol A 16oz bottle should do 6-10 cars depending how dirty.
Covering the entire panel is not recommended as it will make your towel too damp and then you will get streaks. Also remember it is called Spray and Wipe for a reason.... you are supposed to spray a light mist and then let the towel and product do the work, not your muscles .... yes it is a bit different than most of our competitors who would make you rub and press the dirt into your finish or make you go over it again because of haze left behind ... With Spray and Wipe you should make one wipe with the thick side and then turn the microfiber over and make one light pass and it should be as clean and shiny as it was before it became dirty.... As for the two cars you did, the Aston and the Audi, it was a bit over-kill but if it takes that much to make you feel comfortable, then by all means use what you like and start cutting back on future uses :)


Yup, just like Steve said I am working on these things this year as I got a lot of positive feedback on the few that I have made so far.

Once the weather warms up I will be starting with it all as we can film outside without getting frostbite haha