Iron Remover ?


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I've always sprayed Iron remover on a vehicle then rinsed it off before moving on to any other step, in an effort to save time and because I've seen others do it, I was curious to know if I could spray a panel with Iron remover and then clay on top of that using a nano skin clay mitt? My may concern is damaging the mitt as I plan on polishing the vehicle anyway.



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I really can't comment on the clay mitt, but the Iron remover is virtually harmless to everything but metals .. not sure i'd want to rub metal back and forth on the paint with the clay mitt


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I had / have the same concerns, but it was brought up that the metal is dissolved plus the paint is getting polished anyway. I have no problem doing it the way I have been, just wanted to know if I could shave off a few minutes.
Not sure about the mitt, or Poorboy's iron remover, BUT.... I once clayed (standard clay) alongside using iron remover to speed things up, as the car I was working on was crazy bad with iron deposits. Seriously bad.

Anyway, the iron remover I used degraded the clay throughout the use. Ended up using quite a bit of clay with this method. No problem though, as I have PLENTY of Poorboy's clay (remember that time, Poorboy, when you had to restock Autopia?)