How to use the Poorboy's World Clay Bar


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Direction for using Poorboy's Poly-Elastic Clay. Clay is an abrasive product for the removal of surface contaminates on: clearcoats, paint, glass, plastic, metal and more. Wash vehicle to remove any heavy dirt or grime. You will need a lubricant for claying, we recommend using Poorboy's Clay Lube or you can use a diluted Super Slick & Suds solution of 1:64 (SS&S:Water) in a spray bottle..Cut the clay bar into three equal parts, you will not need the whole clay bar for a car. After drying the vehicle, spray Poorboy's Clay Lube or the soap solution to lubricate the surface to be cleaned and gently rub the clay back and forth until the surface is smooth and clean. Examine the clay periodically to check for dirt and contaminate build up. When the clay becomes soiled, kneed the dirty area into the middle until a clean area is exposed, and continue section by section until the vehicle is completed. This can also be done while the vehicle is still wet after washing as long as it is not too hot or you are working in the direct sun. If you are using Clay Lube, continue to polishing or swirl removal, if you use a soap solution, we recommend re-washing the vehicle before polishing or using a wax or sealant.


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would live to see a video on this!
That's a great idea. We've been planning out videos and have even shot a few. We just need to get better at video editing. I say this is the year that Poorboy's World publishes some cool videos.
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I'll have to check out the Black Hole video.

It took me about 1/2 a bottle to figure out Spray & Wipe. Less is definitely more! Sometimes I just spray it directly on the towel and that's enough. I buy it by the gallons now, my kitchen appliances are black and that's the only thing I'll use to clean them.