Ex and Nattys Red on White Paint?


i am pretty new to the forums but using Poorboys for a few years already.

I have just applied Ex on my white paint, after Claying and using the Professional Polish and White Diamond. Unfortunaly the Ex got some moisture before fully cured out so I decided to put on another layer of Ex one week later after a mild but good wash with SS&S. This time nicely cured out dry. Then, more than 24 hours later I applied a 3rd layer of Ex, since I noticed the pad has to be damp, which it wasn't for the first 2 layers and clarifies the difficult apply, making it hard to work even and cover everything. So just to ensure full coverage I made the 3rd layer after 24 hours.
After that and again after 24 hours (actually 36 hours) cure I applied 2 coats of Nattys White and during the first coat I noticed, the paint wasn't that smooth from Ex as expected. Glossy but not really smooth.

Is that normal? How is the shelf life of Ex?

Another thing crossed my mind is, what if I apply Nattys Red/Blue or Black Hole to the white Paint to give a deeper look? Does that work or leave stains? Somewhere I read some people had issues using the Nattys Red on white paint.

Hope someone can help me out here :)


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Welcome! I have a Satin White Pearl Subaru and I used Natty's red for a while and never had any issues but I did see another thread a few years ago where someone did have some pink staining, so there is a possibility, but I think it is unlikely.

I do not think Black hole will get you a deeper shine, and all of this is in the eye of the beholder. I always loved the look of white diamond topped with EXP and one day I did my hood like that then split the hood into 3 and topped one section with blue, one with red and left the third one with just EX-P and I couldn't tell the difference between the three.

As for the slickness, it could be a number of things but if it was slick after applying the EX then it shouldn't have changed so my guess is there might be some soap residue left over. (just my .02). Is the slickness back after the second coat of white?

Finally, most detailing products will last a long time as long as they are kept in comfortable temperatures. If they start to separate and mix back together after shaking the bottle then you are likely GTG, if not it is time to replace the bottle.

I'm not sure if this helps enough but I hope it does,others will likely chime in the morning.
Thanx for the reply! @ShinyRex

So, if I have an almost full bottle of White Diamond and a three times used jar of Nattys White, I do not need to buy Black Hole an another cloloured Nattys to get another look?!

Yeah, the slickness is back even after the first Nattys Paste Wax application, but there could not be any soap residue, since the car was placed in the garage after EX app. and I just used some spray and wipe before the Nattys Coat to remove some (possible) dust. Maybe it was just the freshly cleaned meguiars foam applicator used for Nattys (even if I made it a bit damp) that was a bit roughly on the paint or sometimes I take things a little bit tooo seriously ;-)

As I received my bottle of EX, it was a little seperated but after shaking it very well it became nice and normal looking again. So I just tried it out. Wasn't happy about it at the first wash that I made before the second coat also, as there was pretty much NO beading or sheeting. Okay, it received some moisture directly after the first coat, as I wrote before, but I did not thought it is just that much affective to it, to get nothing (felt like) out of it. Also washing off the dirt wasn't really easy as you might hope after using a sealant.


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WRT to a change in look I do not think you will see a difference. I started off using Natty's blue after White Diamond and EX-P. I ended up liking red better but that was due to ease of use more than anything else. (Steve correct me if I am wrong) but Natty's Red has a polymer base and is closer to a sealant than blue or white, I feel like it applies a little easier. I have 9 different paste waxes at home from different companies and I have one or two I covet, but aside from longevity(based on chemical makeup) I am willing to bet I could not tell the difference on a polished panel in a blind test.

I have never used EX, I have only used EX-P so I can't help you much there.
Thanks for your help anyways! Forums are pretty dead here, huh?!

Had the red one in my mind for a long time, but read somewhere here (like you did), it could leave stains on white paint. But that should only (hopefully) be on japanese Cars (Paints). Not sure..

The EX-P is already in my closet and waiting to try out next time. This for shure is "newer" (prduction badge says someting with 2016) than the EX I also own, I guess. Wanted to try the EX on white, since it should leave a deeper gloss. Also the enhanced Carnauba in it should work pretty good with the Nattys Paste Wax.