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I am trying to restart my sideline detailing business, Is there anyone using Poorboys for a business? I use a different product lines now but seem like they are getting to commercialized. Any thoughts would be greatly appreicated. Thanks


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Get an idea of what your customer's want and then purchase larger sizes to save money and lower costs ..
Given products are Shampoo, Wheel Cleaner, Quick Detailer, Interior, Tires, you polish with machines ..
do you do multi step polish and sealing? do you want to offer Ceramics? do you have people who only want a wash and wax (one step)


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Thanks for the reply, i think i am going to try PW-S for my 1st purchase. i have a horse trailer to do and think that will be a good option for speed and gloss.


I was using the 32oz bottle of Polish w/ Sealant for a good while. With white polishing pads, it is a good combo for your average "make it shiny and smooth" customers.

Still have a bit of the 32oz left. May restock in the next few months.