Best wax for Dodge redline 2 coat pearl

New to the forum and recently purchased a Druango in Redline 2 coat pearl and was looking for a new wax to help protect it and make it really pop. I already gave it a detailing when I received it with what I used on my previous car and not happy with the results that I got from it on this car, and was looking to try a Poorboy's product but wasn't sure what would be best to use on the car. In addition to using it on my Durango, I was hoping to find a product that would work well on my wife Hainan Blue Matallic Audi. I know there isnt 1 product that works great on all colors and more focusing on my car right now but was wondering what would be suggested here.


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Sorry for the delayed reply! If it were me, I would go with Liquid Natty's Red for both vehicles assuming that there are no or minimal swirls. The reason being, LNR is going to amplify that paint and you don't want to amplify swirls. Liquid Natty's Red is extremely glossy and the pearl or metal flake just pops out in an almost 3D effect.

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about Nattys Red (paste) but wasn't sure. Is there any real difference between the Red Liquid and Paste? Maybe I'm just old but always think of wax as being a solid (paste)
The Audi is swirl free but the Durango has some swirling thanks to the dealership washing it before delivery and haven't had time (or cooperative weather) to deal with that. Thankfully they are minor but obviously that's going to need to be fixed before any wax goes on to have real nice results.


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The main difference between the two is the application as many people, just like yourself, prefer a paste wax while others prefer a liquid wax. Both will produce a very high level of gloss and shine. We just launched our new website. Here is a link to the Natty's Red Paste Wax.