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Hi Steve (I assume you are who reads these)

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you THANKS for giving us such a
great line of products. I was an avid Zaino user for some time, but have
recently switched to trying out a myriad of other products, from UPP to
Klasse, Clearkote to Wolfgang, and everything inbetween. I find myself
returning to Poorboys products for most of my needs, as your line-up is
extensive, attractively priced, and every single product smells GREAT (this
really is a big plus, it makes it so much more fun to use the products). I am completely blown away by S&W, Natty's Blue, Trim Restorer, and Natural Look.
I have yet to try the Pro Polish, SS&S, EX-P, EX, or PwC, but I have all of
those except EX. I have every product in the line-up except EX, Spray and Rinse, Natty's (regular), PwC, and APC. I plan on picking these up.

The bottom line is I love your products, and will continue to use them all.


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