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Hi Steve,

I wanted to write you and thank you for supplying me with some excellent products. For years I was stuck on off the shelf Mothers Products and was in a mind set that there could be no better. Shortly after speaking with a friend and learning about enthusiast based detailing products companies I did some research and found your company.

Originally I had ordered just the SSR.25 and SSR 1 from Specialty Motoring and after my first use was HOOKED. Through friends I've also tried Zaino, Clearkote and other enthusiast based companies, BUT NONE HOLD A CANDLE TO YOUR PRODUCTS.

Now about 2 months after my first experience with Poor boys, my detailing shelves are absolutely full of your products. So far I've collected the clay bars, SSR.25, SSR 1, EX-P, Natty's Blue, QW+, Spray and Wipe and many others.

Now I also wanted to mention that I use this both on my recreation car (A 96 Mustang Cobra), my daily driver and all my families vehicles, and will NEVER use any other brand again. I have been recommending your products to all my friends and will continue to do so far into the future.

I also wanted to mention that when 5.0 Magazine contacted me about photographing my car for an article, I instantly picked up the phone and called you guys to order whatever else I needed to get the car prepped for the shoot.

Thank you,

Yonkers, NY
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