A letter from Dave (DLR Detailing)

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I felt like I needed to drop you a quick note.

I just placed an order for some S&W and S&G. Dad loved being able to just "wipe away" the dirt without getting his cars soaking wet. I read somewhere you mentioned mixing S&W with S&G for the best of both worlds. I thought I would try this and give it to my Father for weekly upkeep. The simpler the better for him.

We had the BEST time together these past few days working on the cars. The good Lord willing, we will have many more opportunities. Dad was extremely happy with the results of his cars!!! He could not believe how much they shined! In his words with much emotion..."They have never looked that good, and you know it."

I just wanted to say thanks for everything, and please continue to help us preserve and protect our rides!

I posted pics of the results here on the Poorboy's World forum and at Detail City.
Dave R
DLR Detailing
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