What is Microfiber and Why should I use them?


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What is MicroFiber?

Microfiber is a superior, chemical free, hypoallergenic textile. It can be used to dry, dust and polish almost any vehicle surface. They are environmentally safe, and an economical way to clean almost anything. They have a magnetic “clinginess” which picks up dirt like no other product available at any price. Use them with just plain water or your favorite cleaner. Used dry on dashboards and consoles, and it electro-statically picks up dust, surface dirt, lint, hair and so much more. No more sneezing - microfiber holds the dust particles rather than just pushing them along - all without chemicals. The composition of our revolutionary microfiber cloth is a blend of polyester and polyamide split into microscopic wedge shaped micro filaments . Microfiber is 100 times thinner than a human hair, 10 times finer than silk, yet incredibly durable. The improved technology of our microfiber makes it possible to put more fibers per square inch –90,000-200,000 fibers per inch . More fiber means increased cleaning power and absorbency , and a more luxuriously soft texture , resulting in the most effective and desirable cleaning tool that you will ever use. Microfiber can absorb seven to ten times its weight in fluid! This makes it an exceptional spill grabber, often soaking them up before they become stains. It also means that the tiny fibers will hold virtually all moisture, leaving behind a bright and shiny, streak free surface! For auto detailing, nothing comes close in absorbency, light weight and luxurious feel!

What makes microfiber better than cotton?

The difference between natural fiber and microfiber is microscopic. Fibers in natural materials such as cotton or wool have rounded edges and their density is low because natural fibers are relatively thick. This results in dirt and grime just being pushed along the surface, and not removed, leaving streaks and smears behind. Our microfiber has thousands of tiny “sharp” edges that literally “grips and rips” dirt, grime, mildew and stains off of surfaces and then “locks it deep inside” like a magnet until rinsed off. No streaking, smearing or spreading! And it does this so much more effectively than traditional cleaning cloths. You can actually “feel” our cloth “grab” your fingerprints as you run your fingers across it, yet they are so soft to the touch and they will not harm any surface! These same superfine fibers reach into cracks, crevices and corners cutting through and grabbing dirt and grime effortlessly!

Are all microfiber cloths the same?

Don’t be fooled by inexpensive and inferior microfiber. Many of the microfiber cleaning cloths and towels currently sold by stores or chain stores in the U.S. are manufactured with non-split microfiber. You'll notice a huge difference in the cleaning and absorption qualities between split microfiber and ordinary microfiber. Poorboy's World has partnered with one of the leading producers of split microfiber to provide you with only the finest quality microfiber products at value pricing, guaranteed to perform like few others.