Trim Restorer

Hey guys,
I have an 02 Tahoe that;s in great shape, except for the trim. The trim just looks weathered, its not that new black classic color. Also, everytime I detail the car and wax it, the wax gets on parts of the trim leaving residue.
In the past I've used PB Trim Restorer. I haven't use it in a while but If I rememeber right I wasn't too happy with it. THe new look the product give you didn't last long which surprised me a bit. All The products I use on my truck are PB products and my truck looks awesome when I'm done with it. I usually give it the full detail every six months and what that entails is, wash, sometimes clay, Polish Pro, EX-P and Nattys Wax. This regiment has kept my paint job and the overall outside condition of the truck in really good shape. On the inside I also use PB stuff. Everything i use is PB its great stuff and my truck shows it.



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Your Trim suffers as do most. Unfortunately the plastic is dye injected and as it ages it will lose some of it's color . severe cases turn grey. Wax is not what makes it look white, but actually the solvents in the wax that discolor the trim.
Trim Restorer will work and last, but it takes a process and then maintenance.
  • Trim Restorer must be applied as lightly as possible (pretend you have the last bottle on earth)
  • Spread it super thin if i didn't mention it before
  • let it sit for as long as possible in the sun , for those in a hurry or for professionals, a hair dryer or heat gun (reasonable distance) until it is completely dry in all the nook and crannies
  • Then buff with a cotton towel .. NOT Microfiber!!!
  • maintain as often as needed.

Remember that plastic trim is not porous like rubber trim and you are trying to bond it onto the trim .. That is why dyes, paint , and restorers are all just temporary repairs.
If the trim on any vehicle becomes more of a pain than to maintain, i recommend replacing and realize that years down the line it can happen again.