Poorboy's World Spray and Rinse Product Demo



Got a chance to wash the trucks today at work and decided that I would show you all how well Spray and Rinse works even on a badly neglected rim's. Sad to say that it's my own truck :shock: but onto the pictures :smt101

Here is a shot of the rim before anything done to it no previous washing

Here it is after being pressure washed

Even after being pressure washed there is still a lot of crud and baked on dust

Center Hub Before

Spray and Rinse liberally applied (remember what it does not touch it can not clean) I also sprayed the barrels of the rims

After dwelling on the rim for around 5 mins or so (still on the rim not rinsed off yet)

Rinsed away with absolutely NO scrubbing NO rubbing and NO brushing! Rim is clean as can be

Center hub after (you can also catch how clean it got the barrels that were black before)

Just something funny can you guess which letter was at the bottom of the rim and had all the Spray and Rinse drip over it? =)

This was all done with a pressure washer but you can get the same results using a decent pressure hose.

Simple and easy to use!


P.S. - I did not bother to clean the white letters because I am getting 35" Toyo Open Country M/T's put on tomorrow morning =)


One of my favorite PB products in my arsonal. I get the same outcome without a pressure washer. I have 2 bottles of this stuff always available. 1 full strength and the other 1:1 for my weekly cleanings. Even at 1:1 it takes off any soilage on my wheels without the need to agitate.