Natural Look


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Natural Look

Natural Look is a very unique water-based interior dressing and light cleaner (with biocides to help prevent and remove mold as well as UV protection to help prevent sun damage). Natural Look leaves that "New Car Look" on vinyl and leather, and gives a beautiful matte or very low gloss finish, depending on application.
Leaves the surface neither sticky nor greasy, but dry to the touch.
· UV Protection
· Water-Based
· Prevents Mold
· Safe for leather
· Safe for vinyl tops
· Use on Tires, Seats, Dash Boards
· Use on Motorcycles (do not use on treads)
· Use on Plastics (overspray will not cause clouding on clear plastics)
· Use on Convertible Tops
· Cleans Dust & Light Grime
· Body Shop Safe


I was going to get this to replace DP Interior Dressing, how does this match up?


I was using the Natural Look the other day, making the interior of my Mustang Cobra look good. My neighbor across the street came over to see what I was using, she said she loved the smell of it, and wanted to start using it. 8)