Nattys Black Wax On Red

I'm Brandt, I run a part time detailing business in Texas.

Huge Poorboys fan. Figured I'd make my first post a memorable one....

I recently won a jar of Nattys Black Wax and wanted to share my experience....

I booked a job on a Red Tacoma a previous client was going to sell.

I figured this would be a great chance to try the Natty's Black Wax I recently received. Also a chance to see what it does to red.

I have been enjoying Poorboys products for about two years now but this is my first experience with any Poorboys paste wax.

Which now I have to admit I have been missing out on their paste waxes because this wax was extremely user friendly and a very easy wax to work with.

Smell: it's hard to describe but its a good smell

Spreads very easily. It was overcast all day and sprinkling on and off. I did the truck backed up with just the hood area facing out of the garage so I could back up if need be although I really needed all the light I could get today

Truck was not very dirty.

rinsless wash
then immediately
clay lube + clay towel

I did half the hood, fender and driver front door then went back and wiped it off.

When applied heavy I noticed the black color of the wax contrasting with the red paint but it wiped into the paint and disappeared. It filled some very small marring but nothing major. He didn't want to pay for a polish so I just clayed and waxed.

me like. a little help, sun? Is what I thought.

Did the entire rest of the truck then wiped off with a mf towel. Easy removal, as expected.

Applied with buff and shine notched wax applicator, my new favorite hand applicator by the way. Perfect place for your fingers in the middle. Its red normally but you will want to dedicate it to this wax as it doesn't wash out red again easily.

taken after finished

Snapped a few

I was running up against sunlight so I pulled it out and got some pics and later pulled back in and wipe the fender wells down, put natural look on all trim etc and PwS on the chrome, Pb glass cleaner on windows per my normal routine.

Yet again spoiled by the clouds but his landscape helped even the photo opp value a tad.



..dont worry that towel was only used to hold the jar on the paint :)

Very happy with the results. Very much looking forward to using this more and more.

Thank you for giving me the chance to use this wax.

How would this play with layering with other Natty's pastes? I have wanted the red for some time now.

Thanks for viewing

Currently working on a test putting this up against some far pricier options...will post more when completed.
This is a really good wax. I even used it on my metallic grey frontier and it looks great.



Operations Manager
Your detailing and photography skills are great. Makes me want to get a dark color car so I can use Natty's Black every weekend.