Natty's Black Review....on a Grill


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First off, thanks to the Poorboy's crew for sending me this!!

I was really looking forward to trying this new wax out, but unfortunately had nothing to test it on, the only car I could get was silver. I have a buddy of mine who owns a black mustang, but I think he hates it because he doesn't want me to do any kind of work on it, he just keeps saying "it's only a mustang".

I purchased a new grill which became my test subject. The grill was quite dirty out of the box, which you will see in the pictures, so I did a quick wipe down with diluted APC.

Some notes about Natty's black: The smell is kinda hard to describe, my best guess would be blueberry's and some sort of chemical. Not a strong chemical smell, but enough to know its there (not enough to keep me from using the product ALL the time!!) With all Poorboy's products it went on and came off extremely easy.

On to the pictures....on a side note, the weather was cloudy and rainy so this had to be done inside with very low lighting and the pictures do no do it justice. The shine is absolutely amazing!!