Input on DMT to UMT and Mega-Plush towels


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Trying to figure out which towel to order.

1. UMT
2. Mega Plush Towel.

I have the DMT towels and like them a lot. It is nice having the shorter nap on one side of the towel ( removing polish & BH ).

I think I am going to order UMT towels ( what I have read both sides have a long nap, one side slightly longer than the other ?? ).

Does anyone know what the 2 sides are on the Mega plush towel ?

The picture looks like a shorter nap than the UMT, is this the case and is it the similar on both sides ? From the picture the nap looks the same as the plush side of the DMT.

Anyone that has any info, or if you have either and the DMT to compare the nap to would be great.

To be a pushy SOB, I would like to get the order in before the special is up on Sunday ( ordering a few other products with the towels ).




Mega Plush as far as I can tell is the same as a DMT without the edging strip, it's a stiched side rather than an edged side.

Sure if I am wrong I will be corrected.


I don't personally like the UMT's for anything but removing compound and even then my go to is the DMT's ....... The UMT's are very very soft and we have found that they are not extraordinary at using Quick Detailers (but they do work and remember I'm comparing with the DMT's that cant be matched haha) they are more for the dry stuff. Some may use them for the final wipe down because how soft they are.

The Mega Plush are basically the DMT's without the silk boarder they have a MF sewn boarder on them. Same sides tight and other side plush.


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Thanks for the info on the MP towels.
I was looking at them from the "hype" on MF towels ( in general ) on other sites.
Read a lot of people looking for the fluffiest towel known to man kind. Figured I was behind the curve again.

If the Mega plush are the same as the DMT minus the edging, the towel I am replacing must be Mega Plush towel.
Thought they were some other towel that was disco'd. ( I have some dark green w/ low nap on both sides and some blue work type towels ? )

The towels I have are old and starting to mat down on the plush side, time for them to become wheel & door jam towels.

This will make it easy to divide the towels now, all the blue ones I am demoting will not be for paint anymore.
Just got my last 2 6 packs of DMTs down, from the tote over the garage door, only green glass towels and "bug" towels left.

I'll order the sale DMTs off the MF site, and get the products on the normal PB site.




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I've been using my DMT's for everything: spray and wipe included. Is there a better towel for use with spray and wipe?
Mega plush is about it in my book ( which is the same basic towel as the DMTs ).

Drying I use a mist of SnW or SnG with the large blue velvet towel.


UMT is the same as DMT without the silk edging ? Is that the ONLY difference ? I will only use dry . Not for drying a washed car . Just to use Spray and Gloss , Spray and Wipe , and MAYBE some QD+ . Sound good to those of you in the know ?


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Mega-Plush is the same as DMT without silk border .... UMT is best for removing waxes and polishes not QD's


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I love the DMT and it is by far one of my favorite towels. Generally I use it for spray waxes and that final wipe for a beautiful shine. However, if I am using a waterless wash product I generally start off with a thicker towel then switch to a DMT. A lot will depend on how dirty a panel is. Just my .02


Yeah . I like the plush for waterless . I use a supreme 530 towel for that . But , I spray a lot of detailer ( daily ) so now I want some DMTs . UMTs are now on sale . Excellent price for sure