How do I take care of my microfiber ?


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Microfiber cloths can be washed hundreds of times and still maintain their effectiveness! This makes them extremely cost effective. Just wash with liquid laundry detergent (no fragrance or fabric softeners) in warm or hot water. Use the extra rinse cycle to ensure that all soap has been removed.
Sometimes repeating the wash may be needed depending on how dirty the towels had become. If washing by hand, due to only having a couple towels, be sure to rinse out thoroughly and either hang to dry or they can be placed in a dryer at low heat. Remember, DO NOT use fabric softeners, bleach or dryer sheets, and DO NOT iron!!


Stick a bit of viniger in the wash once in a while, they will come out even softer. For the buffing towels I would definately recommend that they are tumble dried.

Go-N Def

I throw all of mine in the washing machine with a squirt of Dawn and a little PB's APC. I run it on the heavy cycle with hot water and leave the lid up so it won't spin out the water. I then restart it with the lid down and let it complete the cycle.

After that, I run another 2 whole cycles with just hot water (no detergent or soap), to really get the MF's rinsed out. It's like 5 rinse cycles all together.

After all that, I throw them in the dryer. It gets them nice and fluffy....