Beta Glass Cleaner Review


Advanced Helper
I recently received a sample of Poorboys new Beta Glass Cleaner. I normally use Sprayway Glass Cleaner and have always had great luck with it. I have tried several different glass cleaners in the past and always went back to Sprayway. I received Poorboys Beta Glass Cleaner in the mail and put it to use. I have used it on 4 different details and the product is great, like all the other Poorboys products. I tried it on one of the dirtiest vehicles that I’ve ever detailed. The windows were in really bad shape and hadn’t been cleaner in a really long time. The cleaner worked great and did not streak at all. I sprayed the cleaner on the windows and used paper towels followed by a microfiber window weave towel. The cleaner comes in a spray bottle and the sample was 16 ounce. I have used it on 4 details and have only used an ounce or so. The bottle says to spray a generous amount of cleaner on the surface to be cleaned, but a little goes a long ways. I will continue to use Sprayway, since I have several cans, but will buy the Poorboys Beta Glass Cleaner after I run out. The product is a great addition to the Poorboys line.