A little bit of beading action


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1st off, I am no photographer, but hoping these pictures do it justice. **EDIT** sorry for the thumbnails, that's the only way I could get them to upload.

Some background information: This is a friend of mines car and she doesn't do any (cleaning) maintenance, so one day back in early Nov I decided to clean her car. Wash, Iron X, Clay, Polish (Pro Polish) (only the hood and roof, because honestly I couldn't tell a difference, maybe its my inexperience maybe its the color of the car), and sealed with EX Sealant. The plan was to wax with Red as well, but she needed the car back before I could get to it. So after about a week I rewashed the car a topped with one coat of Red. The weather here has taking a turn for the worst and has gotten much colder and a lot of rain. I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of how its been holding up to the elements. I gotta say that I am quite impressed, even though most of my products are Poorboys, with the durability.

On to the pictures: