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  1. the hamster

    Hologrammes on black car.. Need advice

    Personally I avoid rotaries, any pad skipping, too much pressure etc can lead to hologramms. If you have a DA I would jump on it with something like a LC Orange or Green pad ( now pink I think in their colour schemes ) and try some PB Pro Polish....the white one that smells of lemonade.
  2. the hamster

    Natty's Blue

    Hi folks long time poorboys SSR and Glaze user, I have just got my first tub of nattys paste wax and I wanted to know if it is meant to be very hard. The tub I have is almost the same as an old candle or crayon. Is this normal...i only ask as the Dodo White diamond i used previously seems a fair...
  3. the hamster

    Newbie saying hello

    Just thought I'd pop in here and say hello before I bombard you all with an insane number of questions on PB lol. Ive been a long time user by hand but recently my daughters bought me a DA for fathers day so I have been experimenting with it.