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    Liquid Blue Wax watery?

    I'm not sure if it is normal or not but I can tell you that my liquid red is watery as well. Personally I prefer EX-P to liquid wax. Black hole and diamond white are glazes that tend to be more cream like.
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    Poorboy’s World Matte Detailer & Protectant

    Thanks Steve, that is perfect. My buddy has a charger with Daytona graphics and I was at a loss on matte products for the vinyl.
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    Poorboy’s World Matte Detailer & Protectant

    Will this also play well on matte vinyl graphics?
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    Review Astro 50SL - Detailing Light

    I wanted to post up a quick review of a product that I bought recently. It is the Astro 50SL color correct LED flash light for paint correction. Definitely a scangrip knock off from the looks of it. I got it for about 70 off of amazon and it is the first light I have owned that lets me see the...
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    Input requested on detailing class

    I am going to teach a detailing class to some friends (4-10) in a few weeks. All 101 type stuff and things that I am fairly comfortable with. My overall agenda is below and I am targeting 4 hours with some extra time afterwards if people want to try a particular product etc... So I would like...
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    Exposing my ignorance and question on using a foam cannon

    I never really got into the snow foam/foam cannon thing, but I recently upgraded my pressure washer and bought a cheap foam cannon off of the net to play with. After reading some UK forums (it seems they love their foam cannons) It appears the correct sequence is: 1. Pre-Rinse 2. Foam 3. Let...
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    Change in Clay?

    Hi everyone, It has been a while since I posted and I just took advantage of the 4th of July deals from Autogeek to stock up on Clay. I purchased 2 jars of PB clay and they arrived today; I noticed that they feel softer and are darker in color, has the formula changed? Mine could be soft as it...
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    I had to visit New England this weekend

    So I had to take my beloved Subie from her warm Virginia garage to her natural habitat when we visited family north of Boston over the weekend. My phone said -6 (feels like -29) and my poor engine agreed when I finally woke her up for the drive home. My only regret is not having more time to...
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    Kudos to Pro Polish

    I would just like it to be known that I am an Idiot for never having Pro-Polish in my arsenal until recently. I have a plethora of polishes from multiple makers and usually if paint is really picky a Maroon HT or black finishing pad with Menzerna 4500 has never let me down. Well I was working on...
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    Question on sanding and headlight restoration

    In the past when I have restore headlights for friends I have purchased a megs kit or similar and always had great results. This time I decided to go big and purchased a box of 3000 unigrit foam disks and opti-lens. however I still needed some lower grit disks so I went out and picked up a 3m...
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    Combining PWS and SSR

    I've been in the mood to try a new AIO and from the review I have read PWS is a chemical cleaner right? Would it be possible to add a drop or two of SSR1 with PWS on a white LC pad for a little more cut. thoughts?
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    Moldy Clay

    So I thought I would share my recent experience. I have never had a piece of clay get moldy before but when I checked my clay container yesterday the last piece I used was growing a little colony. Thankfully eventhough I keep all my clay in my PB clay container I put each piece in it's own...
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    Was EX-P reformulated?

    Just out of curiosity I 've noticed that my latest bottle of EX-P (3 months ago ish) is a bit easier to work with and stays in a more consistent liquid form than the previous bottle (1.5yrs old ish) If so: Go Poor Boys! If not: Maybe I am mistaken -Roy
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    Non detailers just don't get it

    I always love the weird looks I get when I talk to friends and co-workers about this hobby :) I mentioned to a friend that with this storm comming it is going to rain on Sun, Mon and Tue so I better wash my car on Saturday. He asked me why on Earth would I bother washing my car before a storm...
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    Little gift for a friend

    I have a friend who finally cares about her car and I wanted to start her off right so here is a little kit I put together for her. Definitely not everything one would want but a darn good start (on a side note I bought some other towels that look a lot like DMT towels but they ended up being...
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    What was your biggest detailing revelation

    What was your most profound detailing revelation, maybe something you learned after you thought you knew everything? For me it was almost a year after I got into this and one of the senior guys here mentioned thatI didn't have to dedicate a pad to a certain product forever. I knew to clean them...
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    Looking for advice on interior stain

    So I finally got around to cleaning up my interior after a long road trip and I found a spot I am having trouble with so I figured i'd ask on a few forums and see if anyone has some advice. My wife spilled a little bit of a drink (it is either coffee or diet coke) on the interior door panel...
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    Random Pictures

    I can't remember if we have a random pictures thread or not. Anyways I bought a new lens for my camera and I was out taking some pics when this guy came down the hill. I think it is a 50s Chevy Bel Aire. I thought it was cool enough to share.
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    Natty's Blue needs a scent

    I would like to suggest theat the next improvement to the Natty's line include a scent for Natty's Blue paste. While the distinctive Wax/Crayon smell isn't bad it isn't up to par with the intoxicating scent of big league mean Natty's red :). just a thought