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    Stainless Tips

    Anyone have a good method for getting the black nasty off of stainless exhaust tips?
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    Avalanche piller plastic

    Hey guys! I've been MIA here lately. I bought another 2007 Avalanche and I'm going to treat the plastic pillers. What do you think would be best in this application Trim Restorer or Bold n Bright full strentch? Just wanting to darken it a little as the side lids are. These plastics are...
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    New polisher added to the family!

    My wife of 13 years gave birth to our second son on Mothers Day 5-12-13. May I introduce.... Liam Frederic Willison!!!
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    Mama is expecting!

    Found out yesterday. Looks like we are going to have Little Johnson #2 in May!! :)
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    Heading up to Silver Lake....

    to do some dune buggying! Washed up the Escalade with some PB SSW and then wiped down with SG. Also, hit tailgate with PwC. Hasn't looked this shiny most the summer! Been neglecting it...
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    Working Master Cut/ Purple Foam and Flex

    This trunk was beyond neglected!! I think this owner jumped on it with here heels and started dancing!:smt107 I wanted to try out an area first to see what I could get and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I started with a my Purple Foamed Wool and SSR2.5 but that didn't get what I...
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    2009 Buick Enclave

    This Buick needed some SERIOUS help!! I gave it BIG TIME cleaning and some EX-P protection. The wheels had two applications of Spray N Rinse to get them clean. lol Here are just a couple before pics to give you an idea. Yes those wheels are supposed to be Chrome! Here are the afters. The...
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    2010 Miat MX-5

    Here are a couple pics of the latest detail.
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    2011 Chevy Silverado

    Looking for some suggestions on how to get these spots out? I've tried a few things with zero results.
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    Like me!

    Finally started a new page..... :smt112
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    1983 K.I.T.T. Polish

    Okay.... so it's not the real KITT but it still needed a polishing! :smt044 I was huge Knight Rider fan and had this toy when I was a little squirt back in '84. I was at a swap meet this weekend and snagged this one for $10 with Michael! I will post pics of it back together when I'm done...
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    I love getting boxes....

    especially when two from PB's come at the same time! :shock: Pockets, you did a great job packaging everything and making sure it was all there. I know I had you running circles! :smt082
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    2006 Hummer H2

    Just did this today for a friend. Wow what a bear to work on! It was in pretty decent shape already but wanted to make it shine a little better and add some winter protection. Exterior: - Washed - Clayed - PwCB - BH (hood) - EX-P - Engine and wheel wells sprayed with diluted BnB Interior: -...
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    Shop suggestions

    Well, I've been working in here for a week off and on now. It's not really setup yet or anything like that. I cleared off the right side of the bench a little to put a sit products that I've been using. The water pressure has been fantastic as well as heat, lights and drain. Just looking for...
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    Twas the night before deer season.....

    and right in the house, I made my Remington 1100 Semi Auto Magnum cantilevered slug barrel, stock slicker than a mouse! Thanks QD+!!
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    2006 Trailblazer SS - more EX-P!!

    Did a little clay, polish and some more EX-P. Really liking this stuff!
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    2005 Cadillac STS

    This is my father in laws car. The paint is REALLY bad.... tons of touch-ups. I didn't have enough time to fully correct it but wanted to at lest make it presentable enough and put a coat of EX-P on. I worked on it till dark so I wasn't able to get any good outside shots. My camera did not...
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    Anybody have one of the iPhone's? I see that AT&T is giving free iPhone 3's with new contracts. Big difference between those and the 4? Not meaning the new 4S....
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    Little guy ought to light this....

    My neighbor has been on a retirement trip across the the whole western part of the country. I told him to keep an eye out for a Rattle Snake head at the gift stores for Ethan. He came across this instead. Think I will save it back for Christmas.
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    Another product of EX-P

    This is my wife's car. The pictures are only 1 coat. I'm thinking about putting more on tonight and then Natty's. So I will try to add some better pics. I'm so in love with EX-P!!!