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  1. Poorboy

    Happy 20th Anniversary

  2. Poorboy

    Old Pirate is Back!

    Hey G most of us and more are in the Poorboy's World discussion group .. but we do chat among ourselves , but usually in Private :( no chat room
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    Ban on Russians

    Due to an unprovoked war by the Russians into Ukraine , no users or spammers from Russia will be allowed on our forum.
  4. Poorboy

    Major Shortages ... Pricing and Availability could be compromised

    For anyone reading here .. there is a major shortage of supplies trickling down to our industry. There is very little silicone being produced which is used in some way in many products. When it is available it has rise 5x from previous purchases and will be more again when it becomes available...
  5. Poorboy

    Happy New Year

    well over 150 and not one human outside of the Staff :ROFLMAO: has posted
  6. Poorboy

    Happy New Year

    49 but who's counting :unsure:
  7. Poorboy

    Happy New Year

    41 views and no comments :(
  8. Poorboy

    Happy New Year

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all of our friends here on the forum ... may 2022 be a good and prosperous year for you all :)
  9. Poorboy

    How to host Photo's on this message board !

    Thanks for the info .. can anyone update this procedure?
  10. Poorboy

    Facebook is down !! Are we back to the forums?

    Hi everyone .. Facebook is down as is twitter etc ... We are still here working away .. who else is out there?
  11. Poorboy

    Questions about sealants

    EX is a hybrid of sealant and wax and made to protect as such EX-P is a pure sealant and doesn't mix with anything. You can wait a day and then put on a coat or two of LNB but different formulas don't mix well
  12. Poorboy

    Shelf life

    if you shake them and they seem normal, slight color and scent change is possible as well as plastic being stained , then they are good to go ... Products that separate and do not return to natural form after shaking are usually toast ..
  13. Poorboy

    Please say hello and give everyone a little information

    Good to hear you survived .. best we have now is a discussion group on Facebook but it's all product talk ... no one has time to chat anymore .. they either grew up or grew old There is no more Pockets .. We have the Original ... Dwayne
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    Please say hello and give everyone a little information

    Wow G you been .. wasn't sure you were still kicking ... got Dwayne down here too ...
  15. Poorboy

    Limited Edition Poorboy's World Detail Bag

    =AZV-VSj31cnRceLRzsPGqtvAJLPBmIU1d6JRYFpdCn9uMoWBij9R-wO-cH1AedYCjyUB-paQj0L5MvpIa7jjKICtmG0X33fKpTZ2QR29XtouvJO1TyzaFIxPRzkuiDkMTTB8o6lgHTFVtyppRlYiDwJUYs8z4FiUQtG6M6S2JlnUBQ&__tn__=-]C%2CP-R']Steve PoorboysWorld shared a...
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    Happy Star Wars Day

    We do that in July down here ;) but tomorrow is Happy 5th of May and you should get a 5th of Tequila ..cheers
  17. Poorboy

    Super Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating

    Unbelievable .. you who used to question the directions line by line ... <<<< --- head shaking :confused:
  18. Poorboy

    Hey all! Long time no see!

    Yes, i saw it .. he's not a baby anymore ...
  19. Poorboy

    Super Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating

    Wow ..2 posts in the same month !!! Not you the whole forum Basically after the second wash you would use the prep spray or some type of Iso wipe down and then straight on with the coating. Directions are on the box to go back and forth using the applicator and applicator mf and it...
  20. Poorboy

    Hey all! Long time no see!

    Hi Anthony .. glad to see you are still out there ... I will alert Dwayne and the Fuzz ;) come join us here : there is very little forum action left :(