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    Iron Remover ?

    I've always sprayed Iron remover on a vehicle then rinsed it off before moving on to any other step, in an effort to save time and because I've seen others do it, I was curious to know if I could spray a panel with Iron remover and then clay on top of that using a nano skin clay mitt? My may...
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    EX Sealant Question

    I will be using EX Sealant on a black tuck that my buddy doesn't want me to polish (I'm not happy about that) so I will also be using Natty's Black afterwards. My question is: Is there a cure time before applying the Natty's Black that I would have to wait or can I do it right after wipe off of...
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    A little something

    In another thread I stated that I bought some products in a sale and wanted to share some pictures.
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    Natty's Black Review....on a Grill

    First off, thanks to the Poorboy's crew for sending me this!! I was really looking forward to trying this new wax out, but unfortunately had nothing to test it on, the only car I could get was silver. I have a buddy of mine who owns a black mustang, but I think he hates it because he doesn't...
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    A little bit of beading action

    1st off, I am no photographer, but hoping these pictures do it justice. **EDIT** sorry for the thumbnails, that's the only way I could get them to upload. Some background information: This is a friend of mines car and she doesn't do any (cleaning) maintenance, so one day back in early Nov I...
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    Usage Questions

    Pardon my ignorance but I have a few questions regarding product usage. I’ve read that Pro Polish is also good for windshields and shower doors (which I fully intend on doing), but my question is concerning the windshield. Do I need to use a pad that is intended for glass only or can...