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    Test yourself

    What's in the box ????? See if you can tell by the colors........
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    Gamble Planttion FL Car Show

    Some gorgeous cars
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    Honor Flight Car Show - Punta Gorda FL Feb 2016

    A spectacular day, some beautiful cars and a NOBLE CAUSE ! Honor flight flies WW II Vets to Washington, DC to the Memorial. ALL the proceeds went to this cause.
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    Some pics.....

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    For Shawn A (and others)

    What's wrong with this picture ?
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    This'll make ya feel old (or young)

    Well, at least the got me beat............
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    Interior care FL style

    PB Natural Look
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    Turkey Day Wash

    After I stuck the bird in the oven....... I decided kids car needed a bath (and since he went to get my father for me) This To This:
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    Halloween weekend - Florida style
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    This was BEAT.... Hadn't been washed in 4 months. One trip to and from Wisconsin, plus normal everyday driving. Owner had been building new home, so it was subjected to all kinds of garbage. Water spotted from sprinklers Dried concrete Paint over spray Dried mud....... Wash - PB SSS + a...
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    Pumpkin Fest - Fair - Car Show

    Great day TONS of pics Car got real dusty an finger printed as day went on
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    Just a clean up for show tomorrow

    My "Merlin shots"
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    FL peeps...... Should be fun

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    Another FL weekend Some fun cars
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    74 Vette Clean & Protect