Hello ****.. My first thread in this forum. Here goes...

I have been polishing my daughters car.. A black metallic Citroen C1.
It worked well with removing most scratches and swirls..
But now, when it gets out in the sun, i have hologrammes.. 😑
I have done the 2 bucket wash, clayed, washed again, dryed with microfiber.
Polished with SSR2, and a blue HT lake country with rotary machine.
Then polished with SSR1 and a orange HT lake country with rotary machine
Both SSR been working in, till they get oily and see thru and with pressure as about only the weight of the machine
Then EX-P by hand with microfiber applicator
Then caranuba wax with microfiber applicator..

What am i dooing wrong?
Hope you **** have some advise..