Super Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating


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what I'm working with is a Dodge 2019 Ram Laramie Longhorn, Diamond black crystal pearl paint.
I have searched the forum and didn't find any info concerning my topic.
I have been around the detailing block a time or two, Have the bumps and bruises to prove it and ceramic coatings are new to me.
2 part question.

1) how to apply? cloth type?, cure rate? paint preparation?
my go to preparation are wash super slick suds w/ foam gun, clay, wash, dry, EX-P (let set), Natty's blue.
2) How much product would it take to cover a full sized pick up truck?

Thank you in advance


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Wow ..2 posts in the same month !!! Not you the whole forum

Basically after the second wash you would use the prep spray or some type of Iso wipe down and then straight on with the coating.

Directions are on the box to go back and forth using the applicator and applicator mf and it also comes with the buffing towel

One kit would do it all but some will tell you to get the 60ml so that you can go over it twice, especially the nose, hood and roof.

Now if we get another response, i might fall out of my chair :)

BTW .. it drys instantly but best to cure in dry place for 12+ hours for best results ;)


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?? READ??? DIRECTIONS??? whats that? after I hit the send button I did find the direction on the mangled box also browsed the site that showed an very good video on how to apply.

BOOM the Old man hit the floor :D:D


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Unbelievable .. you who used to question the directions line by line ... <<<< --- head shaking :confused:


Like with all things Poorboy's the coating is also user friendly.

I'm "testing" out a handful of coatings at the moment, but Poorboy's is the only one I've bought a few more sets of...prior to even using.

Let's see if I can attach my "slickness" test video here.

Try this link