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After a pretty successful birthday, I ended up with bottles of Leather stuff, S&G and S&W to add to my PB collection.

I can't wait to try all these out, but it's the S&W that I can't get my head round.

The instructions quite clearly state that the less you use the better the results, but in my mind I'd need loads of it in order to stop the dirt from scratching the paint.

How does this work? If I give a light mist over the panel, there will inevitably be very small areas that won't have any spray on it. If I then wipe it (no matter how lightly) won't this part lead to scratches? I imagine it would only take one tiny spec to put a scratch across it.

From the reviews of the stuff, it works amazingly and safely, but I just can't seem to get it right in my head.
How doesn't it scratch?


Poorboy's for B-Day presents what could be better!

Haha in most peoples mind they want to dump the whole bottle on the car then wipe ....thus the saying

When we say the less you use the better we of course mean a light mist evenly over the panel, this may take 2 - 5 squirts depending upon panel and working area.

When you wipe with a towel over a heavily saturated panel you are actually dragging the towel over the finish rather than gliding it over. This will cause scratches. When you use less Spray and Wipe is designed to lift the dirt off the finish and the towel can whisk it away and into it's nap.

It surely is a mind trip to do a waterless wash on a vehicles finish using just Spray and Wipe! It actually has much more lubricity than soap and water!


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Just did my Sequoia in about 20 minutes a parking lot waiting for my mother who was shopping :) maybe used 2-3 oz & 5 DMT's


Thanks for the info.

To be fair, I did send everyone I know a list of PB products I wanted, along with the links to websites that sold them :smt002
Christmas is coming, so I'll be emailing people about some more DMT's and QD+ as I'm running low. I've pretty much got the full PB set now.

You're certainly right about it being a mind thing. It just doesn't seem natural doing it, but the results prove that it works. I'll need to build up courage and (gently) take the plunge when it's dry outside.
I'm looking forward to being able to clean the car in my lunch hours at work. At this time of year it's dark when I get to work and dark when I get home, so that only leaves weekends to clean the car, but it invariably rains both days.

While I think of it, I've now got too much choice when it comes to post wash treatments. (I blame you entirely for this as all your products are so easy to use).
My plan was to use Nattys Blue Paste once a month and then the QD+ once a week. But I find the Nattys so easy to use that it's not much slower than using the QD+. Now I've added S&G to the equation I'm struggling to work out what to use and when. Do I just use Nattys after most washes and the S&G for drying, or do I stick with QD+? When would I use S&G if the QD+ does the same job but adds protection? :smt120
My head hurts.