Products - Process for Red Corvette?


I've been using Poorboys products for a number of years. It's almost Spring Time, and I need to restock my supplies. I have a red c6 Corvette, and my plan is:

Wash - Clay - Polish w Sealant (White Pad) - Black Hole (Black Pad) - Nattys Red

I did this last year, and it worked well.

Should I keep this routine? Or is there a different route I should take? I have a PC 7424 to use. Its no big deal to update my plan - I plan to stick with poorboys though.



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If you like the results why change it? Much of a result is individual preference. Some like using just a one step product and some like layering.

The one thing you may want to look into would be a dedicated polish, but if your car is in good enough shape you can probably skip it.


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only two things i would consider changing .. i'm guessing it's a garage queen, so claying might not be needed ... and in the same thought, i would use a Black pad with the Polish w/ Sealant and reduce abrasion of any type to a minimum